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Blog Tour: Arouse by Nina Lane

Title: AROUSE (Spiral of Bliss #1)

Author:  Nina Lane

Genre: Contemporary Romance with a very sexy married couple.

Publication Date:  January 2, 2013

"One day I'm going to touch you in a thousand different ways and show you how to touch me," he said. 
And he did.
Struggling with a tormented past, undergraduate Olivia Winter once led a practical but isolated life. Then she met Professor Dean West, a brilliant scholar of medieval history who melted Liv's inhibitions and taught her the meaning of both love and erotic pleasure. But after three years of a blissful, lusty marriage, Liv and Dean now face a crisis that threatens everything they believe about each other...and sex might not be enough to save them.

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Copy of Arouse provided for HONEST review

As an avid reader, i know the risk other readers take when they read reviews. Sometimes i don't mind if a review reveals something early and sometimes i do. This is your warning...i will NOT be spoiling any parts of the books. A large part being it was such a joy to read without knowing what to expect. 

When your, to be read (TBR) list begins to stack you i consider you a professional readers ;-) unfortunately it also can make you numb to books that have story lines that resemble one another. Arouse  is NOT something you've read or can even imaging. At around 400 pages (on my kindle) each page takes you to a new emotion, feeling and journey in the lives of Olivia aka Liv and Dean aka The Professor. As you follow along with Liv or Deans point of view on whats happening in the PRESENT you also take a trip to the PAST, and how each journey shape the person they are. I love that this story takes place in the mist of a marriage. Such a realistic issue couples face today, yet are rarely in the large amounts of books published each day. To not ruin the book for others i wont say more than whats posted above BUT I have to say, i LOVE Kelsey! I feel like every person needs to have a friend like her.

I give Arouse by Nina Lane
4.5 Glasses of Wine! 

Story starts a bit slow as you met Liv and Dean 
 Chapter titles and dates thru me off a bit
Biggest RANT! I have to wait for book two

Kelsey- i love her
Dean and Liv honesty and their relationship
Having both Dean and Liv POV
The nicknames Beauty and The Professor
That theres a book TWO
The AMAZING love making scenes

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Author's Corner 

Nina Lane is a multi-published author of elegant, romantic and often raunchy erotica. Her recent release AROUSE is the first book in the Spiral of Bliss series, and her novel THE EROTIC DARK is a #1 Amazon erotica bestseller.
Nina used to write novels under the name Natasha Rostova and has published stories in anthologies such as “Best Women’s Erotica” and “Erotic Travel Tales.” Her work has been translated into both German and Japanese. In addition to writing, she's an avid reader who loves popcorn and has recently joined a workout boot-camp that is kicking her rear end.

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  1. Amy Pollard WoolardMay 1, 2013 at 12:26 PM

    I haven't read this book yet, so I can't answer the questions, but I would love to win it!! Thanks for the chance!

    1. Hey Amy,
      enter what you can, its a great book!


  2. I haven't read the book and from all the hype, I'm really wanting to read it! SO I hope I win :). Thank you for the wonderful giveaway!

  3. Beauty! Well, first, how much do I love the name of your blog?? A big ole bunch, that's how much. Thank you so much for participating in the AROUSE blog tour and for the wonderful review - I'm so glad you liked Liv and Dean's story, and I promise the wait for ALLURE is not that far off! So appreciate your support.