Sunday, June 2, 2013

It just got REAL! by Katy Evans

Real, was def very REAL! I love books that from page one suck you into their world. Opening up at an underground boxing match you learn who Brooke is. Kind of uptight, but you can feel her try to break out of her shell, the Brooke shown to the world and become the Brooke that’s always been. Brooke, followed by her crazy out of control bestfriend Melanie (yes we all have or known someone just like that). Open up the story with their friendly banter and odious deep affection for each other.

“Brooke!” Melanie squeals and hugs me. “You look ready to puke, you are so not cut out for this”

Now comes the deal breaker…insert Remington “Riptide” Tate! Yum.

“My God. Dimples”

At even the THIRD PAGE, all you want is more…yes the third page! That’s how amazing a writer Katy Evans is….you get sucked into this world with no way to breath but to “JUST KEEP READING”  

“Your name,” he growls, panting, his eyes wild on mine. “Uh Brooke” “Brooke what?” he snaps out, his nostrils flaring

As you read this story have a fan, breakfast, lunch and dinner nearby because you’re not going anywhere till you find out just who Riptide is and if he’s the one to break Brooke out of her shell. And there are enough hot scenes where a fan is just the beginning on what you will need to be able to cool down and keep reading.

Brooke Dumas's witty responses shows her ability to be herself, and Remy helps her to be the Brooke she is with those closest with her, constantly. Brooke has some funny one liners and being in her POV most of the book you not only hear the ones she says with friends but the ones she's thinking. 

“he call yet?” “city hall at eleven. Leave the crazy best friend home”

You truly start to like Brooke as a person, and as you get into what happens when you google her you can’t help but love her even more. Shes def a fighter, and Remy might just be the best prize for her. From the beginning there is no way to deny how much Brooke effects Remy, as you watching it unfold and start read between the lines. once THE conversation happens you have this AHH, HA moment!
Remys role surprises you, as you read on and not only learn about Brooke you learn about Remy, and nothing shows how much a fighter Remy is until her found the courage to say one word!!!!

sorry cant give you word....dont want to kill book! lol

Brooke and Remy take you on this journey, with the past coming in at some point to rain on their parade. What a journey it is, highs and lows but man do I envy their kind of love. I don’t want to kill the book for anyone SO I WONT go into more detail with my review here (but I will on GoodReads)

-I don’t understand the lion analogies, well understand the analogies but whats with the licking and smelling lol
        - Ive wondered if Remys fans ever truly bothered Brooke
     -    EWWWWWWWWWWW…. Scorpio tattoo ugh, ewww, yuck
-         Remy parents are the pits
    -    Waiting for Remys POV to come out

- Pete and Riley are the best
- A man that knows what he wants and goes after it…literally
-Hot, hot, scorching hot
-Love books with play list
-“shes yours?.... “I can guarantee you, shes not yours”

all i can say is go get REAL!!

I give REAL by Katy Evans

5!!!! Glasses of WINE! 

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